CSS Glitcher — Expressive Animated Effect

CSS Glitcher — Expressive Animated Effect

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Glitcher — is a modern and expressive CSS glitch effect for web pages.

For example, you can use it with sites on the topic below:

  • Sport
  • Secure
  • Internet
  • Computer
  • Fashion and more like that


  • Include the files
  • Add `glitcher` css class to `img`, `div` or `picture` tag
  • Enjoy!

Version 2.0 — 2022-12-14

Added: Custom selector for images instead .glitcher. Added: Custom CSS styles for images.

Removed: jQuery.

Version 1.1 — 2020-06-01

Added: Available to use with , tag and CSS class. Added: Online documentation.

Changed: Live demo examples with real code ready to use

Version 1.0 — 2019-03-19

Initial release