jQuery Christmas, New Year Greeting card & Banner

jQuery Christmas, New Year Greeting card & Banner

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It work well in all browser including ipad, ios and Android Device

Most of the animate objects are create dynamically. No need to edit the code

Example: Christmas tree, snow fall, blinking stars, snow man

Unique Features:

  • Animated Star fields
  • Snow fall Animation
  • Snow Man
  • Christmas Tree with gift box, Click over the gift box will snow the gift item. Add any number of gift box and position any where using custom data attribute. Christmas tree have glow animation
  • Animated Wish text and image
  • Card open when the user drags the card strip
  • Support touch device
  • Music player that support mp3 format
  • Option for auto opens the card
  • Show this greeting card on the popup, so it’s very easy to place this card in your homepage
  • Enable / Disable the card front page, just directly show the animation without seeing the card front page
  • One of the best features of this card is, you can add unlimited custom text and image, and it may be any div content. You can animate the content and it can be placed any where.
  • You can control custom text / image / div animation time and animation style
  • Option to Enable / Disable star field, Christmas tree, Snow Man and music
  • You can place your logo and Text over the card front page it can be position any where
  • Support ipad, ios and Android Device

In plug-in code you can customize the greeting card using below variables

jQuery(function($){ $('#jq_fmgreeting). fmgreeting ({ assetsPath : "fmgreetingcard_assets" tree : true , treeImage : 'tree.png', treeGlow : true, snowMan : true, star : true, snowFall : true, cardAutoOpen : false, showOnPopup : false, cardHide : false, audio : true }); });

Complete help document is included in download file

Special credit to: kristijanf
To download the music click here

You can buy Christmas logo music by**PLASTIC3**

If you have any questions about this file contact me through my profile page.