Navigation Menus 2020

Navigation Menus 2020

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Multipurpose Navigation System with many menu styles like full-screen menu, slide menu, toggle menu, single page nav , mobile menu etc.

A Collection of 90+ responsive navigation menus to easily create your Website.

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Super Simple and Clean Navigation markup.

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Add Re-mixable Responsive Menus to any html websites.

Hello web designers and devs, don’t miss a chance to take advantage of Instant Responsive Menus to Re-mix, Reuse Menus in your projects and save a lot of coding time and money.

Create different type of menus on the fly without changing the HTML Structure. Just replace CSS class names in the HTML markup to make a horizontal menu or any menu to function like a one page scroll menu, vertical menu, toggle menu, slide out menu, full screen navigation, tabbed menu, dots navigation and much more.

As all the menus share one simple HTML markup Instant Responsive Menus make it super easy to create unique menus on different home pages (for multipurpose themes) or multiple menus on same page and quickly customize menu styles to match your brand style or your web site design.

  • Kickstart your projects with ready to use responsive menus, fluid typography, material design color library, css buttons and much more.
  • Remix menu styles is as easy as changing a css class name without changing HTML markup
  • Unlimited menus on same page with different style and structure
  • Easy & Quick setup
  • Includes .scss and .css files
  • Different menus for different pages
  • Change menu style on the fly between horizontal, vertical, center, justified space, breadcrumbs and responsive menus
  • Change menu style on the fly between Toggle menu, Slide/Flyout menu, Fullscreen, onepage scroll menu and many more
  • Unlimited submenu support
  • Compatible with bootstrap
  • Open submenu to left, right or make it vertical, horizontal or responsive
  • Toggle menu on top left/bottom left, top right/bottom right, top center /bottom center which can have a vertical, horizontal or a responsive menu list
  • Easy to understand HTML markup
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • One Page Smooth Scroll support
  • Customizable CSS3 animation effects (Faster than jQuery Animations)
  • Fully Responsive
  • Unlimited Color Themes
  • Light weight
  • Easy and quickly customizable menus to suit your site design
  • Skinnable/Build child themes
  • Well documented with video tutorials and Step by step instructions
  • Animated Hamburger icon
  • Auto adjust width to fit menu items.
  • Supports nested menus
  • Custom Scrollbars (works in supported browsers only)
  • Built with CSS3 and improved with some jQuery
  • Clean and modern designs

You can use this as “PART” of your personal or commercial projects but you cannot re-sell this product as is.. Your regular or extended license cover single project use only and you have to purchase a new license for every website / project.