Animated CSS Flip Boxes - Bootstrap Responsive

Animated CSS Flip Boxes - Bootstrap Responsive

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Animated CSS Flip Boxes is a pure css and easy customizable flip animation. It’s made with Bootstrap responsive design and some awesome animations. It’s solution for creating beautiful Flip Boxs or Flip Cards without any javascript code. It has Multiple Animation. Flat, Elastic, Rolling, Shake, 3D Animations. Vertical & Horizontal Flip and other lots of customization options and can be easily integrated to any website.

It’s very easy to customize, Because this plugin customization process you just need to custom your css class, and don’t need to work with any javascript code!!!

Features: Animated CSS Flip Boxes – Bootstrap Responsive

  1. Unlimited Flip Boxes.
  2. Hover Flip Effect.
  3. Different Flip Box Layouts.
  4. Flat Animation Flip Box.
  5. Elastic Animation Flip Box.
  6. Rolling Animation Flip Box.
  7. Shake Animation Flip Box.
  8. 3D Animation Flip Box.
  9. Images Flip Boxes.
  10. Content Flip Boxes.
  11. Video Flip Boxes.
  12. Auto Height Flip Box.
  13. Clean Design And Commented Code.
  14. Fully Responsive.
  15. Made With Bootstrap v4 & v3
  16. Vertical & Horizontal Flip.
  17. Cross-Browser Compatibility.
  18. Uses Font Awesome Icon.
  19. Easy to Customize.
  20. Easy to Setup.
  21. Step by Step Documentation.
  22. And Much More!

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