Lazybars - CSS Themeable Responsive Scrollbar jQuery Plugin

Lazybars - CSS Themeable Responsive Scrollbar jQuery Plugin

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Lazybars is an easy to use, themeable scrollbar, jQuery plugin.
You can implement these scrollbars just by adding a class name to to any scrollable element on your website.
Make use of the themes that are bundled with Lazybars, or create your own with some simple CSS.
One regular license allows you usage on one website.

Latest Lazybars version 1.6.5 (20th February 2018)

Documentation | Changelog | Comments | Examples | Support – FAQs

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Quick start guide

Because this is a jQuery plugin, you will need to be using jQuery on your website.

  1. Upload the lazybars folder to the public folder on your server.
  2. Link Lazybars CSS to your site, in the <head> tag.
  3. Add Lazybars Javascript below the jQuery library.
  4. Add the class name lazybars-x or lazybars-y to any scrollable element in your HTML

Example HTML

Lazybars example page


There are multiple options so you can customise Lazybars. You can make use of these options using data attributes.


For a full list of options and advanced implementation please take a look at the Documentation