uFlutter - Universal Flutter UI Kit - Biggest Kit Widgets & Templates Multipurpose Flutter Apps

uFlutter - Universal Flutter UI Kit - Biggest Kit Widgets & Templates Multipurpose Flutter Apps

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uFlutter App UI kit is a huge collection of Widgets, Pages, Elements for Flutter developers and designers to build different types of apps like eCommerce, Social, News, Blogs, Stores, and Multipurpose Apps. all components are ready to integrate inside your apps, built on modern material-design standards and fully customize-able.

DARK/LIGHT mode with easy switcher function.

Full Chat UI App Included

uFlutter – Universal Flutter App UI Kit contains 260+ Screens, with a different type of UI component and widgets (470+ Widgets ), this kit can save your time to code all Front end layout and its Easy to implement with your code!.one the main thing is Its support both platforms Android and ios.

you don’t need to reinvent the wheel,, you can save hundreds of working hours by using our ready-made widgets.

you will get new list of widgets and pages every weekly release of this project

uFlutter – Universal Flutter App UI Kit – Intruoduction

This kit will give all most all the details required for a eCommerce, Blog Reader, Social application which includes big number of ready-made widgets. Everything was made with a detail-oriented style and followed by today’s web trends. Clean coded & Layers are well-organized, carefully named, and grouped.

Change text, colors, and graphics, add or place photos.
Customize every element as much, or as little as you want. Customize elements
(easy to edit)

100% free fonts Perfect pixel (high-quality design) Very clean and cool UI Free updates.

Newly Added Feature


uFlutter – Universal Flutter App UI Kit Features:

  • Support Android App(Mobil/Tablet) and ios/Ipad
  • Dart Language
  • UI/UX design from industry experts
  • Smooth Transition Effects
  • Font Awesome & Material Icons
  • WorkSans Font
  • Mobile and Tablet Support
  • Responsive design for all device
  • Animation Controller
  • Easy to customize to Black & White Theme
  • Complete eCommerce widgets
  • Sign in, sign up, reset the password, setting profile UI
  • 500+ Widget added with animations.
  • Responsive design
  • 100+ screen
  • Compatible with Mobile/Tables Android/iOS
  • Clean Code
  • Animation Reusable Ready-made widgets,

Help and Support

This is online documentation, this link can help you how to getting started with flutter and how to use E-Commerce Flutter App UI Kit in you projects.

Flutter mobile/tablet app templates has made with reusable components and easily build apps in a short time.

This Kit provides you a solution to reduce your time and cost for creating a unique
UI/UX mobile application template. If you already want to start your project-related mobile/tablet application for android and ios, just try it now.

you have to be familiar with developing with Flutter in order to fully benefit from this kit.

What will you get?

  • Full Dart source code
  • Screen Design Code
  • Free upgrade each time new version released.

There is Yet More!


  • Buttons (raised, flat, ghost, disabled, FAB, icon , social, toggle)
  • Chips
  • switch controls
  • Text inputs and Text fields
  • Drop down fields
  • sliders
  • App bars
  • bottom navigation
  • bottom bars
  • tabs
  • navigation drawers
  • item cards and item lists
  • item grids
  • horizontal scrollables
  • products UI
  • color,size, attributes selection
  • Search Fields
  • Calendar UI
  • Maps UI
  • misc elements and controls
  • full screen video (like Tiktok – planned in the next release)
  • splash animation (planned in the next release)
  • Onboarding UI (planned in the next release)
  • More Components and Widgets planned in the next releases

Need Some Help ?


Install the App from Google Store


you can download the APK file to test Android from here


another link



V1.3 on 05.01.2021
- Adding new complete full chat app.
- Adding new components and widgets
- Adding sticky slider for easy navigation among screens, easy toggle dark/light interface. and easy access to list of pages and apps.
V1.2.2 on 01.09.2020
- Adding new 500 icons PNG, JPG Pack
- Complete Dark and Light Mode in separate dart files can found at lib->base->theme
V1.2.0 on 24.08.2020
- 51 New Page Screens Added.
- Dark/Light Mode Added.
- Brand New First Page Added
- Upgrade to Flutter 1.20
V1.1. on 03.08.2020
- 9 Social Pages Added 
V1.0.0 on 31.07.2020
- Initial Release