JQuery AdDelFields

JQuery AdDelFields

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This plug-in is very useful for those who need to duplicate or delete fields within a form.


  1. You insert the form inside a div (container) that has a specific class eg. (Class = “contenitore_input”)
  2. il div con classe “contenitore_input” verrà chiuso in un ulteriore div con un id specifico es:.(id=”contenitore_generale”)
  3. the div with class “contenitore_input” will be closed in another div with a specific id eg. (id = “contenitore_generale”)
  4. assign a reference attribute to each field to be duplicated eg. &lt input alt=”nome” &gt
    this attribute will be the fixed part of the “NAME” and “ID”, in this case:
    considering the field &lt input alt=”nome” &gt
    will become
    &lt input alt=”nome” name=”nome_ 1 ” id=”nome_ 1 ” &gt
    click on add …
    &lt input alt=”nome” name=”nome_ 2 ” id=”nome_ 2 ” &gt
    This allows the page receiving the request to obtain the value of a specific input or simply differentiate between them
    also allows differentiation of the id to act on the elements via JS uniquely


  1. implementation of a sort of validation to the addition of fields:
  • class to indicate the binding of a field
  • class to indicate that a field must be numeric
  • class to indicate that a field must contain an e-mail
  • class to indicate that a field must contain a date in the format dd / mm / yyyy
  1. callback functions are available after the addition and after removal of fields
  2. duplication of all the attributes of duplicate fields for consistency