jQuizzy Classic - Complete Bundle

jQuizzy Classic - Complete Bundle

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 jQuizzy Classic - Complete Bundle - 1

jQuizzy is a powerful and elegant solution for creating interactive, slick looking quizzes.

The main features are:

  • Slick interface
  • Interactive
  • Multiple quizzes on the same page
  • No need to mess around with HTML. Define questions through a simple JavaScript object
  • Completely customizable, skinnable and extensible

Important notes:

  • You’ll need a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript to get this up and running. I’ve made it as simple as possible but you’ll still need to know the basics. Please look at the demo code to make sure you’ll be able to handle it.
  • The engine currently handles only multiple choice questions. Other types are planned based on market reception and time commitments so I can’t guarantee other types just yet. Please keep this in mind.


v1.80 (09/10/2014)

  • Added Google+ integration
  • Fixed JSON structure sent to remote server
  • Small engine enhancements and bug fixes

v1.70 (08/15/2011)

  • Added access to code generator tool. Generator not included in main source yet

v1.60 (08/12/2011)

  • Engine improvements

v1.50 (07/05/2011)

  • Added Facebook sharing feature
  • Added ability to send the results of the quiz to a server as a JSON response
  • Engine and UX improvements

v1.40 (06/10/2011)

  • Added IE7 and IE8 compatibility
  • Improved IE9 compatibility
  • Miscellanous engine and visual improvements

v1.35 (06/02/2011)

  • Tweaked the Twitter integration
  • Added ability to mention your Twitter ID via new option – twitterUsername

v1.3 (06/01/2011)

  • Updated to make jQuizzy compatible with the new Twitter API
  • Squashed a number of presentation errors
  • Added intro PSD files

v1.2 (05/22/2011)

  • Small engine enhancements and bug fixes

v1.1 (05/19/2011)

  • Complete rewrite to define questions through JS alone
  • Improved presentation
  • Conversion to a jQuery plugin
  • Internal optimization

v1.0 (05/04/2011)

  • Initial alpha version as seen on Nettuts+
  • Barebones version that just works