Brandable OpenVPN Electron GUI JS App Theme with Kill Switch, VPN Management and Remote Server Pull

Brandable OpenVPN Electron GUI JS App Theme with Kill Switch, VPN Management and Remote Server Pull

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This is a Windows, macOS, Linux OpenVPN VPN Application and so much more!

The app consists of a number of JavaScript, JSON, HTML and CSS files that enable a link between OpenVPN and any Desktop OS or Server. The default usage is to compile it as a VPN Application or use the files on a Client-Server. Depending on how you use the Code, you can compile an OpenVPN application for Windows, macOS, Linux or you can use the JS files to build your own Front-end. If you compile the app on all previously mentioned Operating Systems then you will have a VPN application for each OS. The Electron.js API will ensure full Cross-Platform compatibility.

You can freely and easily change the code and rebrand the application for your own needs. You will be able to modify the codebase with simple HTML and CSS knowledge. The app communicates with the default OpenVPN client application. Whatever OpenVPN configuration that works with the Community OpenVPN app will work with this Codebase as well. You can pull OpenVPN config files remotely or add them to the app locally.

Since it is written in JavaScript, some of it can also be used to build various functions for a VPN website, like server pinging, or constructing lists of OpenVPN servers based on various variables. You do not need any technical knowledge to use the code as intended by compiling it into various apps.

Who is this app for?

The codebase has 2 Licenses:

1. Regural License

  • If you are a free or paid (commercial) VPN provider looking for an OpenVPN App
  • If you are looking to build your own VPN Application for your VPN business you can use this app as a basis
  • If you want to extend functionality on your VPN website
  • If you are a Hosting provider or any sort of eCommerce platform looking to expand the services you offer into the VPN niche

2. Extended License

  • If you are looking to build your own VPN Application and monetize the App itself
  • If you are planning to use parts of the app to create an end product that you will sell

You can start out with a Normal License and later upgrade to the Extended License if needed!


Front-end features:

  • Works on Windows, Mac, Linux (Electron Framework)
  • Connect to any OpenVPN server with or without password
  • Supports any OpenVPN setup
  • Supports OpenVPN TCP & UDP protocol (and any other option)
  • Supports unlimited servers
  • Server/Country/City search/filter
  • Displays status changes during connection (Connecting, Connected, Disconnecting, Auth Failed)
  • Displays Server IP, Status, Uptime, Sent, Received
  • Login in the app once with your .ovpn credentials
  • Add .ovpn files locally
  • Define country to added server via Management Interface
  • Delete/Rename added server via Management Interface
  • App pings each server and shows fastest response
  • Custom log generator
  • Kill Switch
  • Minimize to System Tray

Back-end features:

  • Pull .ovpn files remotely from any webserver
  • Push your servers remotely to your customer’s app
  • Manipulate OpenVPN client input to achieve required server settings at connection
  • .ovpn file naming convention – a string of words before the .ovpn extension that let’s you define the name, region, city, etc.. of the server within the app
  • Add any information to your servers that are then displayed within the app
  • The app is highly modular. You can disable features you don’t want. Example: disable local .ovpn file addition, which is not needed for VPN businesses
  • Customize the front-end looks of the app with simple HTML (you can even use the CSS classes from your own website)
  • Full Source Code
  • Clean Code

Enhanced Documentation:

  • How to modify, compile and use the app
  • How to setup the OpenVPN Servers
  • How to Link the app to your servers

On request (Send a message after purchase!) you also get the following documentation:

  • How to resell the VPN infrastructure of other VPN Businesses with the app
  • How to setup authentication/billing/user management for your OpenVPN network via WHMCS

Additional Information

OS Requirements: TUN/TAP Drivers on OS (App adds it Automatically)

Server Side Requirements: LiteSpeed Web-Server for server pulling (Preferably cPanel)

Compiling on Windows Requirements: None

Compiling on MacOS Requirements: Apple Developer Account

VPN servers are not included with the app!

The app has been fully tested on all Windows versions!

Development Roadmap:

1. UI Improvements

2. Full Mac Compatibility

3. Full Linux Compatibility

4. Additional Features


To see more screenshots simply click on the Screenshots Button at the top of this page!

To download a Demo of this app simply follow this Link!


  • 01-06-2022 | 1.2
- Updated OpenVPN binaries from 2.4 to 2.5+  
- Updated OpenVPN binary installer from EXE to MSI  
- Updated code compatibility for the latest electron.js release  
- Updated Dependencies  
- [Fixed]  Minimize to tray bug on Win10/11  
  • 28-07-2021 | 1.1
- Updated and expanded Documentation  
- Updated HTTPS request for Remote Server Pulling  
- Added more server compatibility for Remote Server config pulling  
- Moved remote server URL input to the top  
- [Fixed] Multiple instances of the app don't start up anymore  
  • 29-11-2019 | 1.0
- Initial Release