jQuery Message Box

jQuery Message Box

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jQuery message plugin is a jQuery plugin to replace the basic functionality provided by standard JavaScript alert() and confirm() functions.

This plugin provides notification message and callback message functionality. The notification messages arrive on screen in a seamless and natural way. They relay messages without disturbing our screen. It’s a quite nice way to report info or error to the user.

When the confirm box pops up, the user has to choose “OK” or “Cancel” option but for more than two options we can use the callback message.

It’s a very easy, fast, engaging and intuitive way to communicate with users. Plus, it gives us complete control over style, content and functionality. This jQuery plugin is very useful for developers who want attractive alerts or dialog boxes. The look and feel of CSS can be easily changed and additional styles can be easily added by adding a few lines of CSS.

The plugin is entirely customizable, hence we can change the required user action, the style, and so on. We can change title text, message text, and look according to the message type. This is an awesome script because it shows the message in a more beautiful design and works in modern browsers, such as Internet Explorer.