StarshineJS - SVG Animated Sparkling Stars HTML Effect

StarshineJS - SVG Animated Sparkling Stars HTML Effect

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General Description

StarShine generates blinking stars with 6 customizable parameters. Add shiny, sexy or cartoon lights to any html element. Adjust placement, size, position, color, timing, star type.

And let it shine!


  • Easy to use
  • Low CPU usage
  • Responsive, mobile friendly
  • Rich customization settings
  • IE9+ and all modern browsers support
  • Well documented with code examples


StarshineJS works with SVG, because for today it’s best and simplest solution to create animated HTML effects. To avoid “bicycle” development, we used SVG.JS library.


How the idea was born? A long time ago in pre-HTML5 Flash era landing pages contained a lot of shiny flash effects, that were crashing browser.

One effect I liked more than others, that was shiny blinking stars that were bringing glamour magic touch to pictures, buttons and other elements. In new HTML5 era this effect was missing for me.

But now it’s possible to recreate this cool effects with our plugin. Make your page sexy and shiny with StarshineJS!