Quick Events

Quick Events

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Quick Events is a quick and easy script to display events on your website that syncs events from either a .json file or your database.

The events can be displayed on Calendar or on List/Grid view. The event detail is represented on popup.

The script consist of very simple interface for editing, modern design, various styles and plenty of customizable options, which should suit all your needs.

Why choose Quick Events ?

  • Events Calendar and Events List.
  • Full layout or Compact layout.
  • Event detail on popup.
  • Fantastic and logical events display.
  • Modern and clean design.
  • Very easy to install and integrate.
  • Json data source or dynamic data from mysql database.
  • Fully responsive and mobile ready.
  • Many options for customization.
  • Documentation included.
  • ...

See demo for Quick Events here.

Please give it quick rating if you like this. If you have any suggestions/feature request or you find a bug, you are more than welcome to contact us and we’ll address them ASAP.


Version 1.3 (05 Dec 2022) - Fix: date start option. - Fix: Refine the layout of calendar.

Version 1.2 (15 Jul 2021) - Fix: Display events on Compact layout.

Version 1.1 (17 Mar 2021) - Fix: Update jQuery to new version.

Version 1.0 (31 Dec 2020) - Initial release.