3D Business Card Flipper

3D Business Card Flipper

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Whether you’re showing your designs to a client or just want an online business card, this 3D flipper is a creative and fun way to show off your work. You can include designs of any size, so it doesn’t even need to be a business card. It could be a poster, flyer, announcement, or anything else that’s flat and has two sides. You can show multiple cards at once, or one at a time with buttons to cycle through additional cards.

Easy to Edit

This item works perfectly right out of the box – no special customizations needed. Just include the .jpg’s or .png’s in the images folder (one for high-res retina and one for normal size), list the card names in the .js file, and you’re ready to go! You can change the sizes and backgrounds right in the CSS. If you want to dig deeper, all the code is included and well commented to make it easy for any developer to modify.

Compatible With All Major Browsers

This business card flipper works flawlessly with all major browsers, even on iOS and Internet Explorer. Always be wary when buying 3D effects as they usually won’t work properly on IE – luckily this one does.

Smooth Javascript Animations

There are no Flash or animated GIF elements here. All of the animations you see are 100% Javascript and don’t require any browser plugins.

This item uses Greensock’s TweenMax for the animations, rather than jQuery. Why? Because GSAP is SOOOO much faster and smoother. See for yourself: jQuery vs GSAP speed test.

The Cards in the Preview:

If you like the business cards used in this preview (not included), check them out here: