Red Hood Metroidvania Game - Construct 3

Red Hood Metroidvania Game - Construct 3

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Reed Hood

An amazing metroidvania game!

The game is ready to be published on your site, just copy the HTML 5 folder


  • Added touch controls for mobile
  • 7 Enemies with individual A.I.
  • Save progress system using JSON
  • 4 abilities you’ll get during the game
  • Metroidvania map (press M to enlarge)
  • Gamepad controls
  • Keyboard controls
  • Touch controls
  • Works on HTML5 browsers
  • Included Construct 3 source file
  • HTML folder ready to upload

What you get

  • Construct 3 File with commented Code
  • HTML5 files ready to be uploaded to your server
  • Construct 3 C3P File Included
  • Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

How to play:

  • Choose a new game (If you have any progress it will be deleted)
  • You’ll start a new adventure
  • Arrow keys to move and space to jump
  • To kill an enemy you must find a sword or the bow
  • Enemies have their own hp
  • A lot of enemies with individual A.I.
  • Try to collect all 50 apples!

Abilities you’ll get during the game:

  • Sword
  • Double Jump
  • Bow
  • Wall slide


  • Only Construct 3 Native Elements
  • No Third-party Addons (Plugins/Effects/Behaviours)

How to publish on your site:

  • Rename the HTML 5 folder to any name you like (don’t use space or special characters)
  • Upload the entire folder you renamed to your site (Check your host provider for FTP access)
  • That’s it!

Music by JP Soundworks (

If you have any question, don’t hesitate in asking.