Foodyman - Multi-Restaurant Food and Grocery Ordering and Delivery Marketplace (Web & Customer Apps)

Foodyman - Multi-Restaurant Food and Grocery Ordering and Delivery Marketplace (Web & Customer Apps)

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Welcome to Foodyman: Food and Grocery Ordering and Delivery Marketplace.

If you are wandering what would you get in addition to our TOP-OF-THE-LINE UI and UX, please continue reading below:

All-in-one: 1. Website; ( )2. Mobile Customer apps (Android and iOS); 3. Admin Panel (web); 4. Seller Panel (web). A Vendor app and delivery app is available but sold separately.

**SEO and lighting fast page loading times:**If you already have or strive your E-commerce to expand beyond your neighborhood, you will need a solution that provides an excellent page load time, search engine optimization (SEO) and high-throughput readiness . Foodyman uses various technologies to offer these key features. Specifically, we built the front-end (website) with Nextjs to maximize page loading time and SEO. Our database is optimized for high throughput (no impact on performance in a live project with over 100,000 unique products).

A growing list of critical features : 1. Top-notch UI design; 2. Group order; 3. Cashbacks; 4. Referral; 5. An extensive list of reports. 6. Story; 7. Subscription (as part of an extended license); 8. Multiple zone selection for deliveries and many more.

Versatile: designed with a range of department stores in mind (Food, Grocery and Pharmacy.)

Core technologies:

  • Laravel (backend)
  • Flutter (mobile apps)
  • Reactjs (admin panels)
  • Typescript and Nextjs (website)
  • Rest API


This is a scalable highload professional grade product, not a DIY, therefore requires a minimum set of backend and server setting skills to install. Please check our documentation before you purchase the item in case you are not a Laravel backend developer (with good knowledge of server environment) and would like to install it on your own. We are continuously striving to improve documentation, so if you are unhappy with the current state of documentation, pause your purchase and please check back later, as an updated version might suit your installation needs better (please check our support page for more info).

Overall, we are happy to respond if you have a few specific questions but can’t provide extensive installation support and guidance for free, including support to set up your server. To receive installation support, you need to purchase one of our support plans (info available on our support page).

Change Log- 16-March - 2023( v. 2023 -3)

  • New: Recipes.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Change Log- 10-March - 2023( v. 2023 -2)

  • Minor bug fixes.

Change Log- 3-March - 2023( v. 2023 -1)

  • New: scheduled order;
  • Improvement: can choose from restaurant branches where orders can be picked up; Admin panel release notes:
  • Improvement: admin dashboard UI updated;
  • Improvement: sidebar menu UX improved by separating delivery and pickup orders; Backend release notes:
  • New: sms payloads;
  • New: payment payloads. Minor bug fixes.