3D Printing Get Quote Widget STL/OBJ Support

3D Printing Get Quote Widget STL/OBJ Support

$3735 sales

Select – View – Customize – Send

Start receiving your customers files from this widget and send them quote instantly.

How it works?

  • your customer selects the local file
  • customer can see 3D preview of selected file
  • customer will able to Rotate/Zoom/Change structure of 3D preview
  • customer can specify material,color,and special note with email
  • on clicking the get quote button you will receive the Email with attachment
  • You can send them a Quote by replying to that email only

Documentation Included

Supported Files

  • STL Binary
  • OBJ


  • - Supports STL ASCI/STL Binary/OBJ
  • - Change 3D view from angles
  • - Change Structure wireframe or solid
  • - Local File Selection
  • - No Upload Required to view
  • - Email handler in PHP
  • - Mobile Optimized Page
  • - Touch Screen Support
  • - Bootstrap Framework
  • - Easy Customization