CryptWallet - Crypto Currency Web Wallet Pro

CryptWallet - Crypto Currency Web Wallet Pro

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CryptWallet – Crypto Currency Web Wallet Pro

CryptWallet is a Bitcoin or BTC Fork based Web wallet which has been developed with the Laravel framework. Our system is 100% Secure and Dynamic. It supports overall All Cryptocurrency wallet features including Buy coin with bank deposit, credit card, and bitcoin, Deposit, Withdrawal, and multi-level Referral system. It includes a dynamic landing page & what you need to manage your business. It is the the most powerful web wallet for your crypto business.

All files and code have been well organized and nicely commented to customize. We have included a clear and detail documentation folder to describe the code structures.

If there is something that you would like to know then we are happy to help you out.

You should have node installation expert in your team, we can help on installation our script not node!!!

Demo url:

User access: email: [email protected], pass: 12345

Admin access: email: [email protected], pass: 12345


  • Step by step project installation wizard
  • Fully responsive and dynamic design
  • One page dynamic landing template
  • ICO Phase added
  • Email verification
  • Complete user management
  • Coin management
  • News management
  • Bank management
  • Admin Settings
  • Nice Crypt Wallet management
  • Generate wallet address
  • Coin deposit system
  • Coin withdrawal system
  • User can send coin to both internal and external address
  • User can send coin to wallet address or email address inside the same platform
  • Use Google authentication
  • Use Two factor authentication for login
  • Multi level Referral System
  • Secured withdrawal using queue
  • All files are well commented
  • Well Documentation
  • Free Updates
  • Quick support
  • Displays well in all modern browsers and devices
  • Coin deposit system functionality is based on wallet notify, user’s deposit balance gets updated automatically from wallet notify.
  • Withdrawals system works with laravel DBQueue system, To work it properly, LARAVeL HORIZON should be run on server.

Pre Requisites:

- Linux Server. - Minimum RAM 2GB. - Minimum Space 40GB. - PHP 7.2+. - Database (Preferred MYSQL 5.7+). - Apache 2.4/Nginx Server. - Process Control System (Preferred Supervisord). - PHP Dependency Manager (Preferred Composer). - Redis Server For Queue Management. - BTC based coin installation in your crypto node. - Walletnotify configuration in your node. - Our script will work only with BTC based coin. - Please check our demo and Pre Requisites before making your purchase, We are responsibile only for our script bugs.Node Installation, node server setup and server maintenance is your own team responsibility.

Setup Supervisor:

- Create 2 new supervisord config with the following configuration. - Horizon Supervisor Config. - [program:cryptwallet]. - process_name=%(program_name)s. - command=php /var/www/html/cryptwallet/artisan horizon. - autostart=true. - autorestart=true. - user=root. - redirect_stderr=true. - stdout_logfile=/var/log/cryptwallet-horizon.log. - After these configurations run following command. - servervisorctl reread. - servervisorctl update. - servervisorctl start all. - php artisan clear:all. - php artisan horizon terminate.

What will you get?

  • Cryptwallet Project files
  • Database
  • Documentation


  • Hind Vadodara


  • aloha twilio
  • braintree
  • horizon
  • pragmarx
  • predis
  • rachidlaasri
  • webdevetc
  • yajra
  • jQuery
  • bootstrap 4
  • SlickNav
  • Dropify
  • Nice select

Change Log: Version 1.7 – 25th August’2020

- ICO Phase feature added..

Change Log: Version 1.6 – 9th June’2020

- fixed user list pagination issue.

Change Log: Version 1.6 – 1st June’2020

- Added Payment gateway on/off feature in admin setting .

Change Log: Version 1.5 – 30th April’2020

- Added Coinpayment gateway feature .

Change Log: Version 1.4 – 17th February’2020

- Added new settings . - Added Coin buy details report in admin.

Change Log: Version 1.3 – 24th January 20

- FIxed forgot password mail issue . - Fixed some report issues.

Change Log: Version 1.2 – 17th January 20

- FIxed Automatic deposit balance update issue . - Added wallet notify feature for balance update from node to web wallet.

Change Log: Version 1.1 – 5th December 19

- More useful charts added in Admin dashboard .

- Added transactional reports.

Support: Our support response time can be up to 2 business days. Support only inlcudes script bugs, Node installation, customization and new featues are excluded under this service. You need to do pantensting before go make your platform. You should have your own security and server team for maintenance.


Images are only for demo purpose and not included with the download bundle.