DataGrid - JavaScript Pagination, Sort and Filter

DataGrid - JavaScript Pagination, Sort and Filter

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DataGrid Library

JavaScript library for sorting, filtering, and pagination of any HTML content

DataGrid is a simple and powerful solution to enable sorting, filtering, and pagination on any page.

General Features

  • DataGrid library works with any HTML structure using data attributes.
  • The library allows the sorting of text and numeric information.
  • It has configurable pagination control with a rich set of settings.
  • The library supports text filters with multiple modes and options.
  • The library has different path filters , like checkboxes, radio buttons, and select controls.
  • The widget is written in pure ES6 JavaScript, no dependencies are required.
  • The library has the support of deep links that generate a unique URL for every controls state combination.
  • The library supports local storage, session storage and cookies .

General Features


Storage Options

It is possible to save user selection in browser storage or cookies. This way, the previous value selected by the user will be restored once he/she returns to the page from another page or website, or after the page refresh.

  • Local storage – the user selection will be stored in the browser until the user clears browsing data.
  • Session storage – the user selection will be store during one browser session (until the user closes the browser, opens a new browser window or tab, or until the user clears browsing data).
  • Cookies – this option additionally allows sending user selection to the server with each request.

More Features

  • The same control may appear multiple times on the page.
  • Controls may be placed anywhere in the document, event in the content items.
  • Any HTML content is supported, for example, DIV elements, tables, UL / OK lists, etc.
  • DataGrid library can be used with any CSS framework or with custom styles.
  • In most cases, the user defines HTML & CSS of controls (the library does not create their structure except pagination control).
  • The user ultimately defines all look & feel of the page; DataGrid library has minimal CSS styles.


12 January, 2023

5 November, 2022

  • Added reset button control.

11 November, 2021

  • Fixed data-value attribute support in filter controls.
  • Added filter demo pages.

01 November, 2021

  • The library was rewritten in TypeScript.
  • Added “Multiple Radio Button Filters” demo page.
  • Added demo page with reset button control.

08 January, 2021

31 December, 2020

The initial plugin upload.