Neela - CSS3 Responsive Pricing Table

Neela - CSS3 Responsive Pricing Table

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This pack of CSS3 Pricing Tables is a complete solution for building awesome tables in minutes. It comes with 4 color variants as well as 3 table variants

Neela – CSS3 Responsive Pircing Table is a solution to create awesome modern Design based Pricing Tables.


  1. 4 Different Layouts
  2. 12 Different Color Schemes
  3. Ribbon Option
  4. CSS3 ToolTip
  5. Clean and W3C Validate Code
  6. Pure CSS3 Effects and Transitions
  7. Documentation Included

We have used npt- prefix for each class used on the Pricing Table and that makes it unique and there will be no conflict with other elements on your web page

Change Log


  • Ribbon Option Added
  • CSS3 ToolTip Added


  • 12 Different Color Added


  • Initial Release