Rockstar Slider - jQuery Touch Slider/Gallery

Rockstar Slider - jQuery Touch Slider/Gallery

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Rockstar Slider - jQuery Touch Slider/Gallery - 1

Rockstar Touch Slider is a script for creating a simple and minimalistic slider or a slideshow. Here is how it is different from other sliders around here:


The script is only 5kb in size and there is no CSS file!


The slider has the ability to simply take the width and height of it’s parent element. Which means that if your side is fluid and responsive, the slider will be as well. You can also manually style the main of the slider to be a fixed width and height, or whatever you need. It’s built to be flexible!

Super Easy to Use

<div class="slideshow"> <div /> <div /> <div /> </div>

That is all you need to make the slideshow work! No javascript code is needed and no external CSS file. All you need to do is put the HTML code with the class “rockstar-slider” and include the script. It will do the rest. Rockstar Touch Slider has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use.

Natural Animations & Movement

The script is packed with tiny features like speed detection and inertia in order to make it move as naturally as possible. It shines on touchscreen devices, and looks just as cool when you use a mouse.

Images: Fill or Fit?

A common problem with many sliders is that you need to have images with exactly the same size as the slider. No, that’s not the case here. No matter what proportion or size the images are, they will always fill the slide. You just add a class to the image like this:

<img src="image.png" class="fill" />

Alternatively, you can use the “fit” class if you want the image to fit inside the slide, not loosing a pixel.

Change Log

1.0.3 – September 21, 2015

  • Fixed a bug where touch events would not work in certain mobile browsers.