Slider.js - JS framework for slider development

Slider.js - JS framework for slider development

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Slider.js - JS framework for slider development - 1

What is Slider.js?

99% of all sliders have the same functionality. And yet, as a web developer, how many times did you have to rewrite the same functions for every custom slider that had to be just a little bit different?

This is where Slider.js comes in. It’s a powerful JavaScript framework that enables you to build sliders, fast. It gives you a rock-solid foundation to build all kinds of sliders – standard, custom, complex, simple. If it’s a slider, Slider.js can do it.

Slider.js will do all of the dirty work for you, like:

  • logic
  • event handling
  • grid slicing
  • managing z-indexes
  • non-overlapping animations
  • will manage tons of information about the current state of the slider and pass it as an API

Did I mention it will even slice up the slides in a grid for you?

The 1% left for you to write is only the transition effects. It can be as simple as a fadeIn(), or you can go as nuts as you like. It’s up to you!