UltimateDesk - Support Ticket System with Knowledge Base & FAQ

UltimateDesk - Support Ticket System with Knowledge Base & FAQ

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Looking for your own Support System with Tickets, Knowledge Base & many more features ?
UltimateDesk is solution to create your own Ticket Support System where you can post unlimited articles, manage tickets, staff, agents with just few clicks

Why ?

  • Doesn’t Require any monthly fees to maintain
  • Responsive and user-friendly
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Allows to create Unlimited Tickets, Knowledge Base Articles, FAQ’s, Agents, Users & other staff members.
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Free Documentation


Frontend –

Customer Panel –
Username: [email protected]
Password: test123

Admin Panel –
Username: [email protected]
Password: secret

Agent Panel –
Username: [email protected]
Password: secret


  • Tickets
  • FAQ
  • Knowledge Base
  • Auto Assign Tickets
  • Customer Panel
  • Agent Login
  • Multi User System with Roles & Permissions
  • Unlimited Users, Roles & Permissions
  • Theme Customizations
  • Customizable Home
  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Secured and Documented
  • Knowledge Base
  • Easy Setup
  • Attach Documents
  • Google ReCaptcha Support
  • Responsive Design
  • Bootstrap
  • Support Custom Priorities
  • Status based on Reply
  • Canned Messages

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Change Logs

# Version 1.4.1
- [fixed]    fixed bugs

# Version 1.2
- [fixed]    multi language
- [fixed]    ticket search in customer panel
- [fixed]    confirm delete anything
- [fixed]    send test email
- [fixed]    email sent when ticket is created
- [fixed]    email sent to assigned agent when ticket is created and autoassigned
- [fixed]    email templates can be edited in settings

# Version 1.1
- [fixed]    fixed mobile responsivness issue
- [fixed]    pagination issue in tickets page in customer panel
- [fixed]    image upload issue in editors in admin panel
- [fixed]    admin login logo missing
- [fixed]    500 error while adding knowledge base/articles/tickets after installation
- [fixed]    ticket view page title & date issue
- [fixed]    other reported bugs & errors

# Version 1.0
- [new]        initial release