Three Circles

Three Circles

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About plugin

ThreeCircle is a unique and easy to use carousel slider written in jQuery compatible with old browsers like IE 6. Do not do just designs with sharp edges, make something beautiful and different. Plugin is easy customizable, circles positions are not limited and can be easily changed using CSS or JavaScript parameters. It is greate for screenshoots, products or natural images.

Main Features

  • More then 10 themes included (Size, Color, Vertical), look at screenshots
  • More then 10 transitions support
  • More then 10 progressbar themes included
  • Support unlimited number of images
  • Multiple carousels on a single web page
  • You can add title text description that associated with each image, and placing it anywhere in the web page
  • Automatically transitions through your carousel when visitors arrive on your website. Great for header sliders
  • Navigate with direction button (next/prev)
  • CSS3 driven, graceful degradation Displays consistently across all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.
  • Easily circles positioning & customizable (Speed, pause, callbacks, original template images from Fireworks provided) Callback function. Execute functions on direction button and animating between slides
  • Public API available
  • Documentation with description and lots of examples, look at screenshots
  • Free updates & support

Download Package

  • Source and Minified JS
  • Source and Minified CSS
  • Documentation
  • Examples
  • Layered ”*.png” files

Simple to implement


Insert simple HTML structure with list of images where you want to have carousel

2. Javascript

Just run jQuery plugin


1.1 – 11 February 13

  • More themes
  • Vertical layout examples
  • Structure improvements 1.0 – 28 January 13
  • Initial release


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