Minto - ReactJs NFT Marketplace UI kit

Minto - ReactJs NFT Marketplace UI kit

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Minto NFT Marketplace – ReactJs UI Kit

Minto – NFT Marketplace, is a ReactJs based Template ( UI Kit). You can use this template with your custom backend or connect with some common opensource NFT Marketplace like Opensea etc.

The Template is well documented, neat, and clean, properly structured so that it can be easily customized with the user’s requirement. It supports Dark and Light Theme functionality, Responsive designs for all screens, Multilingual functionality etc. Minto NFT Marketplace is a dedicated ReactJS template for NFT Shops, NFT assets stores, Crypto Art Markets, and Digital asserts bidding and selling websites. It has 30+ Unique Screens and several widgets.

Features of Minto NFT Marketplace UI Kit

  1. Fully Responsive, Compatible with All Screen Size
  2. Major Browser Compatiblity
  3. Clean,neat and well documneted source code
  4. Reusable Code Components
  5. SEO Freindly
  6. Material UI & CSS Lib
  7. Google Font Used
  8. Icon library – React Icons
  9. Animations – Anime.js and React Spring
  10. Easy Customization
  11. Light & Dark Theme
  12. Multilingual
  13. Support skeleton Screens
  14. Clean and well-commented code built in HTML5 and CSS3

Screens Included in Minto NFT Marketplace UI Kit

  1. Homepage
  2. Login
  3. Signup
  4. Reset Password
  5. Reset Password – Change Password
  6. Explore NFTs ( with Filter dropdown)
  7. Live Auctions and Past Auctions
  8. Browse Collection with filters
  9. NFT Detail Page with History
  10. Live Auction Detail page with Recent Bid and History
  11. Create Fixed Assets
  12. Create NFTs for Auction
  13. Trending Seller
  14. Trending Creators
  15. Seller Profile Page ( with Sections Like Created, Owned, In Auction, Collection)
  16. User Profile Page ( with Sections Like Created, Owned, In Auction, Collection)
  17. Create Collection Popup
  18. Move NFT to Colleciton Popup
  19. Burn NFT Popup
  20. Bookmarked NFT ( Fixed Assets & Auction )
  21. Connecting Different Wallets ( Metamask, coinbase etc)
  22. Profile Page
  23. Edit Profile
  24. Theme Selector ( for Light and Dark UI)
  25. Language Selector
  26. KYC form
  27. KYC Success Page
  28. KYC In Progress Page
  29. Change Password
  30. Change Email
  31. Terms and Condition
  32. Privacy Policy
  33. FAQs
  34. Contact


Version 1.5 – 04/02/2023

  • In Light mode - Loader - Issue Fixed
  • Sitemap Included for Home, Explore, Live Auction, Trending Sellers, Trending Creators, Terms and conditions, FAQS, Contact us etc.
  • KYC Approval / Pending - Issue Fixed
  • In Tab view / Mobile View - Skeleton Cards Allignedment with actual card - Issue Fixed
  • Z Index for all pages ( Phone + web) - Issue Fixed

Version 1.4 – 10/10/2022

  • Clickability area fixed in my profile page for create collection
  • Clickability area fixed in my profile page for tab selection
  • Removed unwanted lines of code
  • Spacing issue fixed in auction page in mobile view

Version 1.3 – 27/06/2022

  • Major UI Fixes
  • NFT Detail Page Updated
  • User Profile Page Improved
  • Collection Option in User Profile Page
  • Multiple Translation Working

Version 1.2 – 17/05/2022

  • New Screens Included Fix
  • Login, Signup, reset password Screens Included
  • Browse Collection Screen Included
  • Collection Tab in User detail page & My Profile Page Included
  • Option like Burn NFT, Move to Collection, Remove Sale Included
  • Change Password & Change email screens Included
  • User Cover image in Edit Profile & View Profile
  • UI Issues
  • Bug Fixes

Version 1.1 – 02/02/2022

  • Mobile Responsive Fix
  • Tab Responsive Fix
  • Allignment issue Fixed
  • Performance Optimized

Version 1.0 – 20/01/2022

  • Initial release



The Demo Version, is not an Actual NFT Marketplace, but it is just UI Kit, showing some royality free Images as a documentation of NFTs and Auction