Bootstrap 4 WYSIWYG Editor

Bootstrap 4 WYSIWYG Editor

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WM Wysiwyg Editor is mainly built for Bootstrap 4. So, we call it Bootstrap 4 Wysiwyg Editor. Its easy to use.


There are a few requirements you need to meet before you can use WM Wysiwyg Editor, those are jQuery library, Bootstrap 4 and Font Awesome. WM Wysiwyg Editor can also be used with Bootstrap 3!


Installing WM Wysiwyg Editor is pretty straight forward. Simply include the jQuery, Bootstrap 4, Font Awesome, WM Wysiwyg Editor and CSS library file, like so:

Notice the jQuery library I included was google code library, We recommend using latest version.

It is highly recommended that all JavaScript be placed after all your content at the footer of the page, just before the end </body> tag. This ensures that all content is loaded before manipulation of the DOM occurs.

Basic Use

Create your <div> with an ID or Class.

Now activate the WM Wysiwyg Editor like this